A Chant West rating sums up our overall view on the merits of a particular fund relative to industry best practice. Funds are awarded a rating from 5 Apples (the highest) to 1 Apple (the lowest).

The rating takes six main criteria into account: organisation, investments, fees, insurance, administration and member services.

A key aspect of our ratings is that in most cases they relate to multi-manager investment options (the main exceptions are where our option is mostly passively managed). This is because most members are invested in this type of option. We focus on the quality of a fund’s investment governance, its internal investment team, its investment consultant and the structure of its investment options. Investment beliefs and processes, and the quality of the people involved, are far more important to us than past performance, which is generally not a reliable indicator of future performance.

We produce separate ratings for super funds and pension funds. You can view our current ratings:

In 2013 we introduced a range of awards, designed to give public recognition to those funds that we believe achieve excellence. The awards are an extension of our well-established ratings process and based on the same methodology.