Pension Fund
Ratings | 2012
Retirement income streams – primarily transition to retirement and allocated pensions – are becoming increasingly popular, particularly since 1 July 2011 when personal pensions for people over 60 were removed from the income tax system.

Against this background, it is essential that individuals, service providers, individuals and financial advisers have access to independent research on pension products that allows them to compare funds on a strictly ‘apples with apples’ basis. Making fair comparisons is the essence of Chant West’s ratings methodology.

Chant West’s Pension research helps individuals (and their advisers) compare pension funds.

Ratings Definitions
Ratings range from 5 Apples, our highest rating, to 1 Apple, our lowest rating.

Rating Definition
Highest quality fund
High quality fund
Sound quality fund
Low quality fund
Lowest quality fund

For further details on our methodology.
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