Chant West
Our Firm
Chant West is an independent superannuation research and consultancy firm established in 1997. We conduct research on most of the leading superannuation and pension funds, asset consultants and implemented consultants in Australia. This research is highly regarded in the industry and is purchased by most of Australia’s leading superannuation suppliers and adviser groups.

Our research, which we publish as CorporateSuper Research, PersonalSuper Research and Pension Research is purchased by most of Australia’s leading superannuation suppliers. We also provide a number of tools – Super AppleCheck, Pension AppleCheck, Corporate Comparison Tool and Super Switching Tool – that are widely used by consumers, funds and financial advisers.

We rate most of the super and pension funds included in our research and publish the ratings on our website. View ratings for super funds.

In addition to our research services, we specialise in providing outsourcing advice to medium and large-sized organisations. This typically involves us providing strategic advice and conducting tenders for asset consulting, implemented consulting or full outsourcing services. For the past 15 years, we have been one of the leading consultants managing large outsourcings in Australia.

Our research and consulting services are complementary. In particular, our consultancy work gives us much better access to information than could ever be achieved through desktop research. It also complements our ongoing programme of site visits and meetings with CEOs, CIOs and other key fund executives. Ongoing research and consultancy work add to the integrity of our data.

Our Corporate Clients
Part of our business is to provide consulting advice to organisations about their super funds, including advice on outsourcing services to specialised suppliers. We also advise organisations on choosing an asset consultant or implemented consultant for their investment portfolios.

Among the organisations we have advised are AMP, ANZ, BHP, Boral, Chubb, Coles, CSR, First State Super, Holden, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Leighton, Lend Lease, OneSteel, Orica, Qantas, Retirement benefits Fund, St. George, State Super NSW, TCorp, Westpac, WMC Resources, WorkCover NSW and Xstrata.

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Our Financial Adviser Clients
We provide research tools to a number of Australia’s largest financial adviser dealer groups to assist them in providing a quality service to their clients as well as meeting their compliance obligations.

Chant West’s superannuation and pension fund research allow advisers to research and compare a wide range of super and pension products including industry funds, corporate funds, personal funds and public sector funds. Our Super Switching Tool allows advisers to formulate and document a reasonable basis for their advice when switching a member from one fund to another. Our Corporate Comparison Tool enables them to compare corporate funds (stand-alone) and corporate plans within master trusts with our universe of super funds.

We are a leader in providing superannuation research to the financial planning industry, with about one in three advisers in Australia having access to Chant West research.

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Our Individual Clients
Initially, Chant West’s business was to provide independent research and consultancy services to companies and institutions to help them make well-informed decisions about their super funds. In June 2005 with the introduction of fund choice, we made our research accessible to individuals through the launch of our Super AppleCheck product. Pension AppleCheck was launched in 2008. These tools allow individuals to compare their funds with other funds in our universe of super and pension funds. Several of Australia’s largest super funds (with over 10 million members) subscribe to our AppleCheck service and make it available to their members at no cost.

Find out more about our services for individuals. Find out more about our services for individuals.