Quality Research to Support Product Advice

Our research-based tools will support you to provide sound product replacement advice. Our Switching Tools enable you to weigh up the relative merits of funds using quality research and demonstrate you're acting in your client's best interests.

Comparing super or pension funds isn't easy. You can't just rely on published information because funds differ so much in the information they disclose and how they disclose it.  

This raises problems for you and, potentially, for your dealer group.

  • You risk spending too much time on researching the 'from' and 'to' funds. To do the job properly you need to do far more than just extract information from PDSs. That information can be inconsistent, and you need much more detail before you can draw fair comparisons.  
  • Again, it's not enough to just plug into your software data that is sourced from the funds themselves. That data needs to be questioned and modified to ensure that it's truly comparable, and assist you to pass the due diligence test.
  • For your dealer group, there's a compliance risk if any adviser in the network is making recommendations on super that aren't supported by high quality research.  

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Data you can trust

We research and compare about 450 super, pension and investment products including industry funds, corporate funds, personal funds, public sector funds and wraps. We do a lot of research work behind the scenes to allow you to make like with like, 'apples with apples' comparisons.  

Our methodology has been tried and tested over many years and has been found to be robust and accurate.

Fund Ratings

Apples ratings on over 150 super funds & 90 pension funds

Super Funds Pension Funds
Investment Returns

Compare fund performance over 1, 5 & 10 years

Super Funds Pension Funds

The Benefits Of Teaming with Chant West

Purpose built tools

Compare current and proposed fund strategies across multiple criteria, with consequences identified

Have confidence in your advice

High quality, up to date research allows like with like comparisons of more than 450 super, pension and investment products

Efficient advice process

Spend more time in front of your clients, less time in the back office

Compliance support

Be confident that you meet your best interests and compliance obligations

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