How do you know if your super fund is right for you?

You're in a super fund – right? But is it a good one? Are you getting a good investment return? Are the fees reasonable? What about the insurance premiums – are they competitive? Are there other funds you could switch to and get better value for your money?

These are all good questions, but they're very difficult to answer unless you're a super expert. Comparing super or pension funds isn't easy. You can’t just rely on published information because there are so many discrepancies in what funds disclose and how they disclose it – especially in the crucial areas of fees, insurance and investment returns.

To make sense of it all you need expert help, and that's where Chant West comes in. We spend our lives researching funds, working behind the scenes to present all the important information in a way that allows you to make fair, 'apples with apples' comparisons.

Our research is respected and trusted throughout the industry, and you can access it yourself through our easy to use AppleCheck tools. There's Super AppleCheck if you're still working or contributing, and there's Pension AppleCheck if you're drawing an income from your super, or planning to do so.

If you're in a fund now, they may even allow you to use AppleCheck for free, so why not ask them?

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The Benefits Of Teaming with Chant West

Compare the alternatives

Compare your fund with others side by side

Quality research

Be confident that the comparisons you’re looking at are fair, unbiased and based on high quality research

Focus on what's important to you

Whether it's investments, fees, insurance or member services, compare funds based on what's important to you

Easy to use

AppleCheck is easy to use and provides a good starting point to compare your fund

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  • "Wow, this is absolutely fantastic. I have a couple of funds plus wanted to check some others out - which I need to consolidate. This is such an easy way to compare funds. Great service, needs to be more widely known - get Kochie on Sunrise to promote."


  • "I really appreciate the service. I was comparing two funds as I need to combine. I feel much more informed in my decision making now."


  • "Fantastic service - gave me exactly what I wanted to know with minimal time/effort - thanks!!"


How does your fund stack up? Find out with AppleCheck

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