To Compete Effectively, You Need to Know Where You Stand

To retain your members and attract others to join, you need to be aware of what your competitors are doing and how your fund compares. The industry is fast-moving, and it’s difficult and time-consuming to gather all the information yourself – let alone keep it all up to date and comparable. That's where Chant West comes in.

We have about 450 products in our database, including all the leading super funds, pension funds and asset consultants. We analyse, compare and rate funds overall and by specific criteria including investments, member services, organisation, fees and insurance.

Our research makes it easy for you to:

  • Recognise your strengths and weaknesses
  • Work on your product design by reference to industry best practice
  • Support your marketing and promotional activities with credible evidence from a trusted source

We provide a broad range of research and consulting services for superannuation funds. Call us today to discuss how we can help you.

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Market information you can trust

Our methodology has been tried and tested over many years and has been found to be robust and accurate – and that includes by the funds themselves.

Our research-based tools and services include product summaries, criteria comparisons, fee and insurance calculators, fee surveys and insurance premium surveys. We also publish regular investment surveys and ratings of all the leading funds and implemented consultants.

Funds Awards

Promoting excellence in the superannuation industry

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Fund Ratings

Apples ratings on over 150 super funds & 90 pension funds

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The Benefits Of Teaming with Chant West

Data you can trust

High quality, up to date research compares more than 440 super, pension and investment products

Easy to use tools

Our research tools are comprehensive and easy to use

Powerful marketing intelligence

Usage reports from AppleCheck users gives you good marketing feedback

Independent promotional support

Promote yourself to your current and prospective members via AppleCheck and our Ratings and Awards licences

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