Ian Fryer, Head of Research, spoke to UniSuper’s official podcast, Super Informed Radio, about the Chant West Super Fund Awards.

In this excellent deep dive, Ian explains:

  • the role of Chant West in the superannuation industry and what’s involved in researching and assessing super funds

  • the Super Fund of the Year Award (UniSuper won this Award in 2019), what it means and the criteria for judging the winning fund

  • the reason behind the theme of this year’s Awards, 'It’s all about the members' and how UniSuper helps members get the most from their super

  • how Chant West reviews and compares super funds for the Awards.

In summing up the process, Ian said: “… we believe that giving these Awards is a really serious business and we’ve got to do it properly. We can’t just base our assessment on publicly available information. 

“We need to go and meet the funds and understand … from the inside about how they work. 

“It’s a lot of work for us but it’s warranted because if we’re going to come out and say 'this fund is the best', there need to be very good reasons why.”

Listen to the podcast We’re Super Fund of the Year! (Which means what, exactly?) released on 14 June 2019.

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