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    Chant West is a superannuation research and consultancy firm established in 1997.

    Our research on superannuation and pension funds is highly regarded for its accuracy, insightfulness and integrity, and it is widely used by financial advisers and by the funds themselves. The research feeds into a suite of user-friendly tools that make it easy for funds, advisers and individual consumers to analyse and compare products on a fair, 'apples with apples' basis.

    In addition to conducting research, we provide advice to organisations who wish to outsource some or all of their superannuation services, or to review their existing service providers.  This consultancy work gives us unparalleled access to information about funds, asset consultants and administrators that supplements and enriches our research.

    Our clients include superannuation funds, financial advisers, corporates and individuals.

  • Our Superannuation Fund Clients

    The Australian superannuation market is highly competitive, and funds need access to reliable information to help them assess their own offering against the alternatives that members and advisers may be considering.

    Chant West is the trusted provider of high quality research and comparison tools to almost all the leading funds and asset consultants, providing them with invaluable market intelligence.

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  • Our Financial Adviser Clients

    To advise their clients on superannuation, and to meet their compliance obligations, financial advisers need access to comprehensive, reliable research

    Chant West is a leading provider of that research, and our clients include the wealth divisions of most of Australia's major banks and insurance companies, as well as many non-institutional advisory groups.

    About one in three financial advisers in Australia has access to our research.

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  • Our Corporate Clients

    For the past 20 years or so, large and medium-sized organisations have been outsourcing their superannuation investment, administration or indeed their entire fund. To do so, they have required specialised advice, and Chant West has been at the forefront in providing that advice. More recently, many have engaged us to review their outsourced arrangements.

    The companies and other organisations we have advised include AMP, ANZ, BHP, Boral, Chubb, Coles, CSR, First State Super, Holden, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Leighton, Lend Lease, OneSteel, Orica, Qantas, RBF (Tas), St. George, State Super NSW, TCorp, Westpac, WMC Resources, WorkCover NSW and Xstrata.

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  • Our Individual Clients

    With super balances growing and most individuals being able to choose the fund their employer contributes to, more and more people are asking questions like: Is the fund I'm in a good one? Am I paying too much in fees? Would I be better off switching to another fund?

    To help answer questions like this, we introduced AppleCheck for super and pension products. AppleCheck is an easy–to-use comparison tool that enables users to compare funds on a fair, 'apples with apples' basis.

    Some of Australia’s largest super funds, accounting for more than 10 million members, subscribe to our AppleCheck service so their members can use it free of charge. Individuals can also use it directly through our website for a small fee.

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