Fund Awards FAQs


1. What differentiates Chant West's Awards from other Awards?

We have limited information on what other organisations do, so it is difficult for us to comment on their awards or the research and methodology behind them.

What we can say is that our awards are based on more than 20 years of researching funds and conducting tenders for large corporates and, in that time, we and our methodology have been rigorously tested. We believe this adds considerable credibility to our views.

Awards Categories

2. What are the 12 Awards categories?

  • Super Fund of the Year
  • Pension Fund of the Year
  • Specialist Fund of the Year
  • Corporate Solutions Fund of the Year
  • Advised Product of the Year
  • Best Fund: Advice Services
  • Best Fund: Investments
  • Best Fund: Insurance
  • Best Fund: Member Services
  • Best Fund: Longevity Product
  • Best Fund: Integrity
  • Best Fund: Innovation

3. How many finalists will be chosen in each category?

There will be 10 finalists in the Super and Pension Funds of the Year, Best Fund: Investments, Best Fund: Member Services, Best Fund: Advice Services and Best Fund: Insurance categories. The remaining categories will have five finalists.

Eligibility to be included in the Awards

4. Does our fund have to apply to be included in the Awards?

No. All of the funds we research – about 450 in total – are automatically included. 

5. What information is used to assess each fund?

Our starting point is the information we have in our database. We will continue to monitor and review this information until the cut-off point for the 2019 awards, which is the end of March. During March and April we will be meeting with many funds to source further information that will help us decide on the winners. 

6. Our fund is not rated. Are we in the Awards?

All funds are candidates for the awards, where relevant. Clearly, we have much more information on the funds we rate versus those we don’t, so it is unlikely that unrated funds will feature in the awards.

Ratings & Award Methodology

7. What is your methodology for rating funds?

The main rating criteria and their weightings are shown in the table below:

Main Criteria Super (%) Pension (%)
Investments 40 45
Member Services 30 30
Fees 15 20
Insurance 10 n.a.
Organisation 5 5
Total 100 100

More information about how we rate funds can be found on the Fund Ratings section of our website.

8. Do you use any further methodology for the Awards?

Our starting point is to use the scores from our ratings process to determine the finalists in each category. Where scores are very close, Chant West’s research team overlays its broader knowledge of each product to determine the finalists.

We then meet with most of the finalists to gain a deeper understanding of what each fund is doing to improve member outcomes through their product offerings, how they invest and how they engage with members. These meetings help us determine the winners.

A short description on each Awards category can be found here

9. Do you have any independents on the judging panel?

No. We don’t believe it is necessary as we are an independent firm and researching and assessing super and pension funds been our core business for 20 years.

Marketing Opportunities for Funds

10. Will there by any marketing opportunities for the finalists and winners?

Funds can subscribe for a fee to our Promotional Licence to help promote their products through our awards logos. We offer a range of finalists and winners logos for each of the 12 awards categories. Combined with our ratings logos, it produces a strong marketing message for all communications. For more information on this service, please contact us.

Awards Evening

11. How do I register to attend the Awards?

To register visit our event website at

Awards Evening Details  
Date Wednesday 22 May 2019
Time 6:30pm - 10:30pm
Location Ivy Ballroom, Level 1, 320 George Street, Sydney

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