Leading super fund research, data and analytics provider, Chant West, has entered into an agreement with Rice Warner to purchase the Galaxy Insurance Comparators.

The comparators were established in 2005 as an insurance insights and comparison tool for desktop software providers to the financial advice industry, institutional clients and super funds. The highly regarded tools have a strong reputation for their quality of insights and user experience.

Following a brief period of transition, the tools will be integrated into the Chant West business, supported by the existing team who will continue their work to deliver the comparators to subscribers.

"I'm looking forward to working with our new team joining us from Rice Warner to integrate these valuable tools into Chant West in a way that delivers a great experience for subscribers," said Ian Fryer, Chant West General Manager. "This is a logical service extension for many of our clients, several of whom have been asking for the business to provide more insights into retail insurance and group life cover. We recognise that insurance is an ever-changing and complex market, and the addition of this specialised service will enable our clients to deal with a single supplier for their related research and insights."

Rice Warner CEO, Andrew Boal, said that while the group is proud to have developed such a client-relevant product, it complements the existing Chant West service offering really well and believes they're best placed to continue to develop the Galaxy tools for its clients going forward.

"The Galaxy comparators are client-driven tools and have been built to meet the insurance insights and comparison needs of our diverse client base. Given Chant West's strong relationships with super funds and financial advisers, I have every confidence they'll continue to deliver on that client-centric mission and we're committed to working closely with them to ensure a smooth transition for subscribers and staff alike," Andrew said.

Zenith Partners Group acquired Chant West in mid-2020 and the Group continues to explore relevant opportunities to expand its service offering for clients across the wealth management and superannuation market.

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