An enhanced version of Chant West’s Member Outcomes Dashboard is now available. Subscribers now have access to the following new features.

MySuper product heatmap on the following key metrics: 

  • investment performance over 5 and 6-year time horizons relative to simple reference portfolio

  • administration and total fees covering representative member account balances of $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $250,000

MySuper product comparison on the following key metrics:

  • fees and costs – utilising ‘representative member fees and costs’ at item 4.4 of SRS 702.0

  • 1, 3 and 5 year net returns – utilising ‘net return’ at item 4.3 of SRS 702.0

  • level of investment risk – utilising ‘level of investment risk’ at item 3 of SRS 700.0

Benefits of the new features

While the MySuper product heatmap is not part of the Member Outcomes Assessment requirement, one of the key benefits of this change is that users can access an indication of how their products will appear in the APRA Heatmap well before the Heatmap is published by APRA (usually in November each year).

The new section of the dashboard uses data from the most current APRA Quarterly MySuper Statistics, meaning you’ll be able to undertake a comparison of your MySuper product against all other MySuper products in the industry.

The filter functionality lets you customise the list of MySuper products included in your peer comparison. The benchmark criteria filters for relevant MySuper products based on certain age, risk profile or standard risk measures. You also have the option to exclude any tailored MySuper product from your benchmark products, ie. those offered by the same RSE licensee but are different to their generic offering such as corporate sub-plans.

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